My Story, My Beliefs, My Passions


To Thine Ownself Be True!

Body awareness, can I feel my body's POWER, can I feel my body's weakness. 

My Mantra is Train the Body, Coach the Mind, Mentor the Spirit!

Whether I'm working with a client or working on myself this Mantra is paramount in not just reaching your goals but sustaining them. We all work so hard to be fit, but are we getting fitter. Do we blame age for the reasons why we hurt, or tired, low energy, mental fog, low metabolism. Age plays a role but more often than not it is the TIME UNDER TENSION. Tension of work, workout, play, sleep, daily living activities and nutrition. These things can build us up or tear us down. Do you feel more energized, do you feel little to no pain. Do you feel sharp, joyful, peaceful! If not then why not?

It is not our lot in life to become broken and stay broken there is a way to a healthier you that can be sustained through the ages. My goal with each client is to provide the right balance of Rest, Recovery, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Stabilization to help your body, mind, spirit be it's best.

I am 52 years old and I teach and do Olympic Lifts, I climb trees, walls, run, jump, I get up early and stay up late (not too late). I'm energized, I'm almost always pain free. If I do feel pain I check in with my body first and apply all the tricks I know before I go for an MRI(never had one). No, shoulder surgeries, no knee surgeries, I have arthritis in both shoulders, hips and neck. 2 broken toes one left, one right at different times but that's it. And none of these things stop me.

I fell in love with weight lifting in 1982 in Houston, Texas. The gym was Sampsons' and it was filled with bodybuilders and couple of us girls. I loved to feel powerful and strong and in charge of my body. I fell in love with running a few years later. I experience so much freedom when running. I have run 5- 1/2 marathons and find finishing to be more mental than physical. I discovered how important shoes are to the health of my back, knees, hips and feet when running. I discovered that pain is telling me something, not "no pain no gain". I get more gain avoiding pain then ever pushing through. 

I loved what I discovered in myself and wanted to share it with others. I felt empowered, free, inspired! 

I got my first Fitness Certification in 1997. I worked for a women's fitness facility in Lafayette, LA. in 1998. That was my first real gig. I then moved on to work at a Personal Training Studio until moving to Sugarland, TX to work for Life Time Fitness in 2006. That was a shock and an amazing experience. The industry had changed so much and I was way behind. But I studied hard, asked lots of questions and let others help me become a better trainer. Next stop for me is in home training that was great but I really missed the hustle and bustle of the big Health Club so I took a position with LIfe TIme Fitness in Flower Mound, TX until leaving to pursue a dream I've had for over 15 years - Season to Change.  Looking back on my personal transformations, spiritual, physical and emotional it really seems that it was a Season of time that my changes occured. In a 12 to 13 week period I evolved, I transformed and the commitment to the work made it as if no time had passed at all, as if there was little to no effort on my part it just happened. My experience is that if you have faith, let go and take the next right action Miracles will happen! 

My career in the fitness industry has been a rewarding 20+ years, I have found much joy in watching others experience wellness, strength, energy, happiness, empowerment. Through the years and with all the experience of obstacles and struggles we each face I have been drawn in the direction of helping others to KNOW THINE SELF BETTER. I am passionate about movement and lifestyle and educating individuals to be their own Trainer, Coach, Mentor and thus paying it forward to their family, friends and community. I have experience from working with children right through to the elderly, and everybody in between. I communicate and motivate exceptionally well, and have the skills and the knowledge to help anyone achieve their personal goals.

I pride myself by helping others take control of their lives both mentally and physically, and have helped many people get up and running on the road to personal fitness. Who knows what you'll be able to achieve with a kick-start in the right direction!

With my experience, I can help you make healthy, realistic, sustainable lifestyle choices without the fads, quick fixes and gimmicks - to help you improve your health for now, and for the long-term.

I Look Forward to Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny with you!