Season to Change Offerings

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, nutrition service, health and wellness


Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Personalized Programming for Nutrition, Movement and Spirit through advanced:

Health Assessments, DNA testing 

Weight loss 

Personal Training/Private and Small Group

Pilates Reformer/Private and Semi-Private

USA Weightlifting Technique, Building Blocks, Lifts and Programming

Meal Prep -  Limited Availability


Season Package and Per a Session Rates

  • 1 Season to Change Package -   6 sessions/month -   433.50/month*
  • 1 Season to Change Package - 10 sessions/month -   722.50/month*
  • 1 Season to Change Package - 14 sessions /month -1011.50/month*
  •  Intro Month - 8 sessions/month - 765.00**
  • PT, Pilates, Olympic Lifts - 85.00/55 min session
  • Small Group Pilates, PT or Olympic Lifting - 40.00/55 min session (3 to 6 clients)
  • Health Assessment & Interpenetration  Holistic Lifestyle Coaching - 150.00/60-90 min session

*1 Season to Change Package is a 3 month(season) commitment at a discounted rate includes all services, excluding Meal Prep!

** Intro Month is in case you are not ready to make the leap to commit to a full Season to Change and transform your Health and Wellness but good news there is still a discount just somewhat smaller and if you take the leap at the end of your Intro Month you will earn the Season to Change Discount!

Your privacy is important to me. If you reach out through booking a consult or register for a complimentary assessment I will not share your information. 

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Upcoming Events

3 Part Movement Series Workshops May - Dates and Place to be announced

3 Part Gut Health and Nutrition Workshops June - Dates and Place to be announce

Big News

I am now accepting private coaching and small group coaching at Shapes Fitness for Women (must be a member) and Private and Small Group Pilates at Club Pilates in Highland Village (must be a member)